ELECTROSUB’s target group of sponsors/exhibitors are companies, institutions and organisations interested in producing products and services based on technical solutions in these industries, whether as designers, researchers, developers, manufacturers, service providers, trainers, traders,or in any other way.

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Sponsorship packages


Sponsors have a privileged status and are given special attention.

Levels: diamond, gold, silver, bronze and supporter

Sponsorship packages offer business, professional and public relations benefits, including the opportunity to present at the conference, an exhibition stand, advertising in the catalogue, etc.

Sponsors are also exhibitors.


In line with the needs of sponsors and exhibitors, the organizers will introduce the following innovations in 2023:

  •  The diamond category appers in sponsorship, which will allow more than one presentation in addition to a large stand
  • Gold sponsors will have the choice between a large stand / one presentation or a smaller stand and more presentations for the same fee.
  • To encourage the participation of small companies and for those whose profile does not require a classic exhibition stand or who just want to experience the benefits of Electrosub, we are offering the economical Eco-stand.
  • Package deals are a successful element of the Electrosub concept. For the last 3 editions, all sponsors and exhibitors have chosen this format, which is a clear positive confirmation of the concept. In order to preserve these advantages, the opportunity to exhibit will be advertised only in this format in the future.


The package price includes the space fee and the unit stand fee. (see the application form)

UNIT STAND content: carpeting, 2,5m high Octanorm white walls, 1m2 lockable storage ,30 cm wide, grey fascia in 3m high including a lightbox with company name, on corners painted pillars , 1 pc triple distributor, 1 LED spot (2250 Lm)/ 4,5 m2, 1 Octanorm infocounter with black sides on the front with company logo, 1 pc table, 4 pcs chairs, 3 storage shelves, 1 rack and 1 trash can. (from 18 m2, 2 meeting sets and 2 m2 storage)

ECO BOOTH content: carpeting, 1fm 3m high Octanorm white back wall, on the top of the wall with company name graphic, 1 triple distributor at the wall, 1 arm lamp, 1 lockable Octanorm infocounter with black sides on the front with company logo, 1 Octanorm counter at the wall, 1 pc table, 4 pcs chairs.

Additional services: such as graphics, showcases, TV, additional installation elements, etc. can be requested.


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