1. What is the main activity of your company and in which sectors are you active?

The main activity of SEZ Krompachy a.s. is the development, production, and distribution of low voltage and high voltage electrical equipment. Our products are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical installations.

2. What products and services do you offer?

Low Voltage Products:

– Circuit breakers

– Switchgear

– Control and protection devices

– Electrical installations

High and Medium Voltage Products:

– Indoor and outdoor disconnector switches (12kV and 25kV)

– Contacting switches (38.3kV)

3. In which sectors are you looking for partners and customers?

We are looking for distributors and wholesalers of electrical installation materials in various sectors including energy, construction, and industrial automation.

4. Is there anything new or innovative in your offer?

Yes, we have several new and innovative products in our offer:

  • Electrical installation holders
  • Sockets and double sockets with surge protection
  • Compact switches with reduced depth for atypical distribution boards
  • Introduction of a new series of cam switches, S80A
  • Economical versions of cam switches with a lock

5. How is the company’s product or service different from its competitors?

Our company’s products stand out from our competitors in several ways. We can offer custom versions of cam switches without any minimum order quantity. Additionally, we manufacture all components in-house, which allows us to maintain strict quality control over our parts. We also have our own design and production facilities for metalworking tools and plastic injection molding.

6. What are the company’s objectives for the future?

– Expanding our presence in international markets.

– Continuing to innovate and enhance our product offerings.

– Strengthening partnerships in renewable energy and smart infrastructure sectors.

– Enhancing sustainability efforts by developing eco-friendly products.

– Providing exceptional customer service and technical support to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We are dedicated to maintaining our leadership in the electrical equipment industry by adapting to market needs and embracing new technologies.