The Electrosub Conference and Exhibition took place for the second time in Budapest, in the BOK-Syma hall, from 3-5 April 2019.

The event was attended by 97 exhibitors from 12 countries on a net area of 1300 m2, 42 presentations were given by renowned national and international speakers and the event was attended by 1500 professional visitors and conference participants.

The event was supported by 22 sponsors, who were also present as exhibitors.

Electrosub was accompanied by a soldering competition organised by the prestigious American organisation IPC (Association Connecting Electronic Industries).

The winner of the competition was István Biblek, Elektromont Kft.

The “ESD Coordinator of the Year” award for 2019 was given to Gábor Benke.

An interesting feature of the 2019 event was the presentation of the winners of the XXII National Electronics and Construction Competition, which was open to students from vocational training institutions abroad. Six winning entries were presented at the exhibition. The founder and organiser of the competition, Divilex Bt.