ELECTROSUB is a focused business and professional forum for Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions.


ELECTROSUB’s target group of sponsors/exhibitors are companies, institutions and organisations interested in producing products and services based on technical solutions in these industries, whether as designers, researchers, developers, manufacturers, service providers, trainers, traders,

or in any other way.

ELECTROSUB visitors are targeted at engineers, technical and economic professionals, traders, company managers, business people, policy makers, students, educators, all those professionals who are looking for efficient and innovative solutions for their work, production, operations and development.

ELECTROSUB’s two main pillars, the conference and the exhibition, are closely linked in a symbiotic relationship.

Participation is possible as a sponsor or exhibitor.

Sponsors, as active participants in the conference, will benefit from special visibility and promotion. Sponsors are also exhibitors.

Participation is simple and cost-effective.

– Favourable package offers to facilitate participation preparations, eliminating rivalry between stands. Participants can focus on the content of their presence. To preserve these advantages, this format is possible.

– 2-day opening hours

Time is money!  In line with business trends, the 3-day opening has been changed to a 2-day opening. Visitor numbers are more concentrated and stand operating costs are reduced.

The conference and exhibition will be complemented by professional events.

Registration is compulsory for the event.

The success of Electrosub is based on the fact that its professional organisation team is constantly monitoring market changes and the business and professional needs of the target groups of exhibitors and visitors. The concept, theme and programme of the event are adapted to this, and this is reflected in the ELECTROSUB 2023 event’s advertisement.

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