ELECTROSUB is a concentrated business and professional forum for the electronics industry and industries offering Industry 4.0 technology and solutions.

ELECTROSUB, responding to the challenges of the market, has widen  its base profil from 2021, with the presentation of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IoT, Industry 4.0 technologies and services, which will be reflected both on the exhibitor side and in the conference programme.

The event is aimed at all companies, institutions and organisations interested in producing products and services based on technical solutions in these industries, whether as designers, researchers, developers, manufacturers, service providers, trainers, traders or in any other way, regardless of the end-use of the products.

The event is being organised in the spirit of Industry 4.0.

The event is aimed at engineers, technicians, economists, traders, company managers, business people, politicians, students, teachers, all those professionals who are looking for efficient solutions and innovations for their production, operations and development.

Sponsors, exhibitors, visitors, conference participants, under one roof, concentrated, leaving the virtual world, face to face, have professional meetings, business negotiations, gain new knowledge, expand their business and professional contacts through live, personal contacts.

The two main pillars of ELECTROSUB, the conference and the exhibition, are closely linked in a symbiotic relationship. Conference presentations will focus on products, services and solutions presented at the exhibition. The line-up of speakers includes renowned national and international experts.

Participation is possible as a sponsor or exhibitor.

Sponsors will be given special exposure and promotion, and will have the opportunity to present at the conference. Sponsors are also exhibitors.

Participation is simple and cost-effective. The organisers offer attractive package deals, allowing participants to focus on the inside rather than the outside, on the content of their presentation and on how to treat their potential partners. At the previous three Electrosubs, all sponsors and exhibitors have taken advantage of this favourable offers and participated in the event.

The conference and exhibition will be complemented by professional accompanying events.

Registration is compulsory for the event.

The success of Electrosub is based on the fact that its professional organisation team is constantly monitoring market changes and the business and professional needs of the target groups of exhibitors and visitors. The concept, theme and programme of the event are adapted accordingly.

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