It is the most favorite way of participation on the event. Sponsors enjoy special status and receive extreme attention.


Conference presentation 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
Turnkey exhibition booth 20 m2 16 m2 12 m2 No
Introduction and/or advertisement in the guide of the event 1 page 1/2 page 1/3 page 1/3 page
VIP participants at Conference 3 persons 2 persons 1 person 1 person
Banner on Electrosub website Yes, in the best place Yes Yes No
Placing brochures, leaflets, publications at the Conference on shelf wearing sponsor’s logo Yes Yes Yes No
Being displayed on sponsors’ wall at the exhibition hall On the main place as gold sponsor As silver sponsor As bronze sponsor As sponsor
Logo displayed on the website of the event As gold sponsor As silver sponsor As bronze sponsor As sponsor
Logo displayed in advertisements, publications, forms, tickets, invitations of the event Yes, as gold sponsor No No No
Price HUF (VAT excl.) 1 280 000 HUF 970 000 HUF 780 000 HUF 450 000 HUF
Price EUR (VAT excl.) 4 130 EUR 3 130 EUR 2 500 EUR 1 450 EUR


Conference presentations:

Sponsors can choose from two types of presentations. The type of presentation should be agreed with Conference Organizing Committee.


  1. Technical, informative, but PR background presentation held by manufacturer/distributor to introduce, inform on or promote certain products (time: 30 minutes)
  2. Training type presentation or workshop to increase participants’ knowledge, ability to solve certain type of problems (time: 45 minutes)


Buying more than one timeslots is subject to availability.