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Plant Lightning Effect of appropriate LED lighting on plant growth. Szabó Mihály


The new standard for smart factory IPC-Hermes is now the only globally accepted and broadly established standard for machine to machine communication. All electronics manufacturers will strongly benefit from this new level of standardization progress.Obstacles with regards to implementing “smart factory” features will be dramatically reduced or removed.See how this new standard enables you to implement new possibilities in your factory. Haithem Jeridi


Introduction of the production of printed circuits, Auter Electronics Ltd 30 years anniversary. The process of preparing a printed circuit board layout, drilling
choosing the suitable selective surface finsh,
challenge of production of Rigid-Flex circuits,
quality control of printed circuit boards during production,
introduction of PCB manufacturing process using videos made in our 30 years old factory.
Lázár Edit


Detection and protection of malicious or irresponsible drone usage The market of drones for civil usage is growing rapidly, and the drones are getting smarter and getting cheaper. However, the risk caused by irresponsible or malicious users increases exponentially. At the same time, it is very expensive to detect these cheap drones and to develop effective techniques against them, an effort which is still in its infancy. The lecture deals with possible methods of detection and applicable countermeasure procedures. The presentation will also show some development results. Dr. Kazi Károly

BHE Bonn Hungary Kft.

Automotive electronics, reliability, safety During the realization of smart environment those elements will have crucial roles that can be able to operate independently for long term (even for a decades), such as autonomous cars. The high reliability demands of the electronic components that realize the previous functions initiate a paradigm change; it is not enough to limit the failure possibility under a very low level till the end of the warranty period, but they need to guarantee the “failure free” operation for many years during the overall lifecycle of the system in question (e.g. accidents of autonomous cars caused by a regular and frequent electronic failure is not acceptable at all). These type of problems will be discussed in the presentation. Dr. Harsányi Gábor


How to achieve data security in embedded systems?Solutions by Trust Zone ATSAML11 microcontrollers and MPU/SiP processors The number of IoT nodes are rapidly increasing. Among the benefits of this growth , hacker groups are dedication more attention to breaking in into IoT systems. Neglecting IoT security was disastrous for several companies. What can you do to ride with the growth and be safe? What innovations will drive your next design to success? Kolinger Attila

Microchip / ChipCAD

The experiences of the inland implement of the NB IoT technology Az NB IoT technológia és hazai bevezetésének a tapasztalatai. Berky Tibor


LORIOT – The IoT Middleware for the Industry Introduction to LORIOT and its contribution to the IoT Revolution. Julian Studer


Modern Solutions of swithced-mode power supplies As a leading international semiconductor company, Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) creates cutting-edge solutions to improve the quality of life with green, easy-to-use products.
– company Introduction
– package technology at MPS
– brief portfolio overview (Power, Motordriver , Angular sensors)
– Step down converter for Industrial & automotive
Torsten Lessnau

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) / ChipCAD

Intelligent material handling solutions for the electronics industry Danutek Hungary Kft. offers solutions for the problems with high quantity and frequency material entry. The award-winning technologies of automatic information grabbing, x-ray component counting and automatic storage are used to establish a fast, efficient, transparent and traceable working environment without human error. With the help of these systems, there will no longer be delays because of material shortage or errors because of mislabeling.
Purchasing- and production planning also benefit from their advanced software that can automatically forward any needed information for statistical analysis. The Just In Time inventory strategy can truly be realized.
Blajec Edgár

Danutek Hungary Kft.

Importance to the ESD shoes in the electronic manufacturing – maintenance and test in the production ESD protected footwear is one of the basis of ESD protection and is therefore of paramount importance in the installation and operation of the EPA area. The new ESD standard has significantly tightened the requirements for ESD footwear, so electronics manufacturers need to follow the new requirements. Selection of inappropriate ESD footwear represents significant financial and ESD protection risks for companies. The presentation presents the new ESD requirements and provides guidance for the selection, maintenance and testing of the appropriate ESD footwear. Godó Attila


Selective welding in everyday use Selective soldering is nowadays a widely used and increasingly common soldering process.
Elas Kft. addresses the challenges, problems and mistakes of soldering on a daily basis.
The presentation provides an insight, into the appearance of various soldering anomalies.
It also aims to provide valuable guidance for the avoidance of them. We also show how they are classified by IPC standards.
Finally we will Introduce various solutions for solder wave shape changes, soldering next to surface mount components or warped circuit boards.
Bődi Béla

Elas Kft.

Panasonic – Role of connectivity modules in IoT market Short range RF modules and their application in IoT market of today. DR.Sara Ghaemi


Capacitive sensor technology for applications verified by design Azoteq’s ProxSense and ProxFusion sensor hardware offers design engineers the freedom to design for verification. Alwyn Botha


Designing Electronic Systems for Circuit Protection Compliance & Robustness Modern electronic systems must operate in global environments where transients such as ESD, EFT, Surges, Load Dump, or Lightning can be applied. These transients could damage or destroy the system which will require replacement or repair work in the field. This presentation reviews current overvoltage compliance standards required by the industrial, Automotive and Military 6 Aerospace markets. An overview of available Overvoltage Protection technologies is discussed which will provide the design enigineer with key knowledge to develop an compliant electronic system with robustness to operate effectively in the field. Ian Doyle B. Eng


Smart displays and panel PCs from DLOGIC Industrial Touch Displays simplify the interactionwith the user. Georg P. Israel


The use of TVS Technology for overvoltage protection in car industry Endrich
Temperature sensors Produce NTC thermistor elements by automated manufacture line include IoT technology for better yield and productivity, can offer quality goods with reasonable price. Jeano Kim


IoT based developments at Tateyama Yoji Ueda


Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Technologies and Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) A standard, low-power, long-range (LPWA) wireless technology specifically designed to serve low-energy IoT devices and services. Beáta Belovai, the expert of T-Systems, provides a comprehensive overview of the NB-IoT Partner Program, as T-Systems is an important partner for existing and future partners with whom to develop quality IoT solutions. Belovai Beátas


Practical Usage of NB-IoT Technology – FiboCom Cat NB / Cat-M and GPRS Modems for Sensor Data Transfer Introducing the NB-IoT-based model.The test system uses the T-Systems NB-IoT network to deliver a thermal imaging image to a self-service cloud service. Kiss Zoltán


How to use digital solutions – Do not fear of rtificial Intelligence We are living in a world increasingly marked by digitalization and networking. This development is also filtering through into production areas previously shaped by the implicit expertise and experience of individual employees. The demand for reduced reliance on these leads to the deployment of new technologies. The presentation takes a look at the influence of new technologies in the area of process optimization as well as the associated benefits. Exciting scenarios describe future developments and provide food for thought on cross-sectoral implementation. Assistance systems make a major contribution in this context; they are to be seen as an opportunity for staff, not as a threat. Jürgen Friedrich


Automotive electronics – A no-clean flux solution to prevent dendritic growth & corrosion under low-standoff power components With the increased automotive electrification (48V, HEV, EV) and the consequent use of high-power components such as DPAKs, Power-QFNs in under-the-hood electronics (examples – 48/12V DC-DC converter PCBA; voltage stabilizer PCBA for start-stop module), the SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance) specifications to assess the electrical reliability of the no-clean solder paste flux chemistry have also become more stringent. These include: test voltage increasing from 5V to 10-50V, test time increasing from 168 hrs to 500-1000 hrs, pitch decreasing from 0.5mm to 0.2-0.3mm; and minimum SIR threshold increasing from 100 MΩ to 500-5000 MΩ.
No-clean solder pastes are normally used in automotive PCB assembly to solder low-standoff components such as DPAKs and power-QFNs (gap between the PCB pad and the component underbody is typically under 75µ). During reflow, volatiles in the flux chemistry such as activators and solvents boil off, but a lower standoff reduces the opportunity for the flux volatiles to vent, resulting in “wet” flux residue, post reflow. It is therefore critical that the no-clean flux residue does not cause ionic dendritic growth and corrosion under low-standoff power components, during the working life of the product.
Karthik Vijay


Scheduling stochastic production processes with genetic and hybrid algorithms The presentation will discuss about an optimization method that is applied to the stochastic process of testing field-returned mobile base station units. Jónás Tamás


The possibility of using artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of electronics manufacturing Bihari Tamás

Arrow Electronics

Boa László

IBM Magyarország

Reference designs by Arrow Lefánti Gábor

Arrow Electronics

Boros Viktor

Vodafone Magyarország

Solutions for testing of EV and HEV and surrounding infrastructure Development and production of hybrid (HEV) and electric (EV) vehicles brings a lot of new challenges regarding testing. The presentation will focus on solutions and instruments offered by H TEST for testing of HEV and EV vehicles and its components as well as surrounding infrastructure (charging stations). Václáv Haasz


Mit nyújt a program a termelő kkv-knak? A GINOP-1.1.3-16-2017-00001 „Ipar 4.0 Mintagyárak kiemelt projekt a konvergenciarégiókban működő termelő hazai kkv-k felzárkóztatásáról, versenyképességük javításáról szól. A projektet az IFKA és az IVSZ részvételével létrejött konzorcium koordinálja.
Célja, hogy a feldolgozóiparban működő hazai mikro-, kis- és középvállalkozások megismerhessék a mintagyáraknál működő legújabb technológiákat, valamint módszertani ismereteket kaphassanak ezek bevezetésének és alkalmazásának megkönnyítésére.
A projekt keretében a kkv-knak ingyenesen van lehetőségük megtekinteni ipar 4.0-ás technológiákat, megszerezni a hasznos tudásanyagot, továbbá beruházási és projekttervhez jutni, mely utóbbit professzionális ipar 4.0 tanácsadók együttműködésével készítik el.Amit kínálunk:
-termelésmenedzsment tréning: a LEAN menedzsment alapjai
-projekt- és változásmenedzsment tréning: üzleti tervezés a gyakorlatban
-személyes tanácsadóval közösen kialakított fejlesztési terv, illetve igény esetén további, specializált szakértők bevonása.
-A résztvevőnként több millió forintot érő program teljes mértékben térítésmentes, összesen 60 órát vesz igénybe, amely testre szabott tempóban járható végig. Az egyperces regisztrációt követően folyamatosan lehet eseményeinkre jelentkezni. A szervezők és a mintagyárak minden szakmai érdeklődőt szívesen látnak.
Hatékonyságfejlesztés és ipar 4.0 Technológiai workshopok témakörei: az Ipar 4.0 IT-technológiai alapjai; digitális tervezés, adatgyűjtés, adatfeldolgozás, adatvizualizáció; gyártásvezérlés, ERP és MES rendszerek; robotok, önvezető járművek alkalmazása. Fábián Zoltán


Egyszerű és összetett ipar 4.0 megoldások bemutatása mintagyári látogatások és esettanulmányok keretében Egyszerű és összetett ipar 4.0 megoldások bemutatása mintagyári látogatások és esettanulmányok keretében. IFKA
LMPA – Low melting point alloy The Interflux LMPA™-Q Solder Alloy is an unique Low Melting Point Lead-Free Solder Alloy with enhanced mechanical reliability properties compared to SnBi(Ag). It’s the first Low Melting Point Solder Alloy that can be used in a reflow- , wave- and selective soldering process. Ever since the switch from leaded solder alloys to lead-free solder alloys, the market has been confronted with numerous problems in the soldering process.
These problems are mainly due to the higher process temperatures needed when working with lead-free solder alloys.
The extremely versatile Interflux LMPA™-Q solder alloy provides a long-awaited solution to the many problems.
David De Somviele


Cleaning in Electronics: new challenges in lead free assemblies Presentation of Inventec’s worldwide activities in the precision cleaning business for the Electronic, Medical, Aircraft industries, fast spot free drying and coating.Most of these industries are closely connected because of the tight surface specifications, but also depending on health and environmental regulations. Patrick J. Duchi


Nitrogen supply solutions in electronics. How to determine the most optimal gas supply mode based on quantitative and qualitative industry-specific requirements? Based on gas volume, purity, cost-efficiency and safety requirements of the domestic electronics manufacturing industry we give an overview on nitrogen supply solutions and the process of selecting the optimal supply mode: on-site gas production units installed directly on customer premises and operated by remote control, liquid gas supply from cryogenic storage tanks and trailers, packaged gas supply in cylinders and bundels. Gas quality, ie purity, residual impurities are critical to the manufacturing quality. Solutions to ensure gas supply at constant gas temperature. A brief overview on special gases, high purity gases and gas mixtures used in semiconductor, solar, display and LED production. Herczeg István

Messer Hungarogáz Kft.

How to select the right solder wire for your application? Jens Gruse

Stannol GmbH

Microsolder Kft.

Soldering processes – Applications and trends The electronics industry is the second strongest industry in Europe and is constantly growing. In order to remain competitive, it is necessary not only to follow the technological trends, but also to actively shape them. In this presentation, the new requirements for the soldering process of electronic assemblies will be explained and the corresponding solution approaches will be presented. Among other things, the further development of vacuum soldering technology, possibilities for saving resources and approaches for implementing the I4.0 strategy regarding predictive maintenance options will be discussed. Paul Wild

Rehm Group

5. generation mobile network, new challenges in automotive electronics and industry A hamarosan megjelenő 5. generációs mobiltelefon hálózat milyen változásokat fog eredményezni az gépjárművek kommunikációjában.Milyen követelményeknek kell megfelelni-e az 5. generációs mobilkommunikációnak autóipari felhasználás esetében.Újszerű megoldások az ipari kommunikációban. Mire is lesz jó az 5. generációs mobilhálózat. Herczeg Zoltán


Nothing remains hidden! Strengths and challenges of the trailblazing 3D X-ray inspection in the electronics industry. Helge Höche

Viscom AG

Altium Easy, responsive and modern solution for hardware development Zsikla Miklós

Computer Controls Hungary Kft.

Energy storage systems for the future Varga Zsigmond

Kapacitás Kft.

Solid Tantalum Capacitors Solid tantalum capacitor. I will introduce the variants, their construction and the applied manufacturing technology. I will describe their electrical parameters, the possible failure modes and the applicable derating rules proposed by the component manufacturers. Mészáros Attila

National Instrument

Tackling the Test Challenges of Next Generation ADAS Vehicle Architectures Real-Time Machine Monitoring at National Instruments Manufacturing with NI HW & SW solutions –/Performance Monitoring solution automatically captures and tracks run-time, setup-time, idle-time, and downtimes for pick and place machines using machine performance data captured in real time./ National Instrument
Industry 4.0 and the relationship between quality in automotive electronics Balogh Bálint


3D Inspection in Smart Factory  Importance of reliable measurements in Machine-to-Machine communication Automated programming of 3D inspection systems Jaroslav Neuhauser